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Rumah Kita
Had eczema for a good majority of my life. Up until 6 years ago it got progressively bad, meds and creams did not help at all. My entire body was just inflammed especially my feet. Oozing and cracking not matter what I did. Came to Dr. Craig, changed a lot of my bad habits, but it was years of of meds, steroids, and the like that did havoc on my body. Now after almost 2 years now, with changing diet, supplements, its been a big improvement. Currently, i am on my last phase of treatments and looking forward to be 99% there.
For those who want a quick fix, this isn't for you. However, if you want to heal your body from the inside out, without medication, for the long term benefits and possibly a normal life, this is where you should go.
Thanks Dr. Craig.
Jennifer Berry
Dr Craig is a very patient, caring, professional and knowledgeable doctor.
He uses a systematic approach based on laboratory data and my feedback that is personalized to what I am dealing with.
He is practical and sensitive and doesn't recommend things that are not warranted for my condition.
He makes himself available for questions outside of appointments and is very prompt in replying.
I am very happy to say that by becoming Dr. Craig's patient, what at first felt like a leap of faith, has become a critically needed turning point towards less pain and anxiety, more energy and improved outlook about my future.
Audrey C.
Dr. Craig Mortensen is a very knowledgeable and patient doctor who thoroughly explains what is going on and the process of the protocol. He answers any questions in a detailed manner. I have seen multiple gastroenterologists and 2 other functional medicine doctors prior to seeing Dr. Mortensen who could not figure out what was going on or only helped me to a certain extent. Thanks to Dr. Mortensen and God’s grace I am starting to live life again. I have dealt with digestive issues on and off for 7-8 years and it got really severe around 2-3 yrs ago. I was dealing with a variety of symptoms including chrons/colitis symptoms, nausea, severe bloating, could not tolerate or digest any food, living off a pureed diet at some point, lost 25 lbs in a short amount of time, extreme fatigue, anxiety and panic attacks, hormone imbalances, and more.
Within the first week of seeing Dr. Mortensen and taking the recommended supplements, I noticed a change in my symptoms and gained the lbs I lost in around 6 or so weeks and have maintained the weight since. I have been seeing Dr. Mortensen close to a year now and have made drastic improvements where my digestive symptoms have greatly improved and the rest of my symptoms have either healed or improved. This route is definitely not a quick fix, but it is well worth it because the health issues I have been dealing with is not a quick fix. Thank you Dr. Mortensen for all that you have done for me!
Joseph Bartolone
I am so glad that I was able to find Dr. Craig. I have had digestive issue symptoms for about 3-4 years, and I have never been able to control them. Dr. Craig helped me get to the point where my symptoms were under control. This did more than make me feel healthy, it gave me hope for the future. I have been able to be more social, and have had a lot more energy since my symptoms have been controlled. Dr. Craig has so much knowledge, and he answers all of the questions that I ask him (which are a lot). He also explains and even draws out his explanation for further understanding. Dr. Craig has put in a lot of time into being the best he can be for his patients, so be prepared to reap the healthy benefits that are about to come your way.
Georgia Starr
Everyone working here is friendly, making me feel welcome. I appreciate that the goal of Dr Craig is to help find the source of my problems, and then do what is possible to aid me in allowing my body to heal itself. I feel like I am more than just another patient, that I have legitimate opinions and he listens to what I have to say. I am seen close to my scheduled time and don't ever feel rushed out, either. Questions are encouraged and answered with patience and understanding. I would highly recommend Dr Craig Mortensen to anyone willing to take part in their own healing process.

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