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Cancer Prevention and Recovery

Cancer is that dreaded 6 letter word that no on wants to ever hear.

Many times patients take it as a death sentence. They think they are doomed to chemotherapy, radiation or surgery to remove that potentially deadly disease.

While that may be part of the solution, it’s not a magic bullet nor 100% effective all the time.

The natural prevention and care of cancer through integrative medicine and a functional medicine approach is truly the future of healthcare.

The World Health organization (WHO) estimates that over the next 20 years the rate of cancer will increase over 70%.

70% !!!!!

Currently Cancer is the second leading cause of death, 1 in 4 people will die from it.

That doesn’t even take into account those that will get it and have to go through the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad treatments of chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and all those other horrifically toxic drugs modern medicine uses to combat cancer. Which, by the way, increase your chances of developing other types of cancers down the road.

There are over 200 individual types of cancers and it seems as though our bodies continually find new types of cancers to develop.

Cancer is on the rise and increasing in prevalence faster that we can keep up with it.
It is BIG business. Estimated to cost the US alone over 263.8 billion dollars per year. And that number was from a few years ago.

Every doctor that I have encountered is truly looking out for their patients best interest and they are trying to help. Often times they are just so focused on their area of specialty that they neglect to look at the rest of the body, how it is functioning, and why the cancer developed in the first place.

Unfortunately there just isn’t enough room on this page to cover all the intricacies of cancer treatment and prevention, I will just cover a few of the different approaches that we take to dealing with cancer.

Each patient is an individual. As such your treatment may vary significantly from one person to another. We always do a thorough evaluation of each patient in order to develop an individualized natural treatment or prevention protocol.

What is the right approach to natural cancer
prevention and treatment?

Dealing with cancer is tricky business. The best and easiest approach to cancer is to prevent it through natural alternative medicine methods so that you don’t even get it. Once your body has become so out of balance that cancer has developed and taken hold we then take on an entirely different approach.

Factors that influence Cancer prevention or development.
(In no particular order)

In the natural health care world, or more specifically the integrative medicine and functional medicine arena, genes play a huge role in certain disease but more importantly in how patients are treated. Being genetically predisposed to something does NOT mean that you will get it. It just means that you have to be a little more diligent than someone that is not genetically predisposed.

A common saying is “genes load the gun, environment pulls the trigger”. Many studies and scientists have estimated that 60-70% off all current cancers are behavioral or environmental in nature. Essentially we are giving ourselves cancer by living unhealthy lifestyles, exposing ourselves to toxins, poor nutrition and neglecting our bodies.

The huge rate of increase in cancer rates is not due to our genes changing, that just doesn’t happen very fast, the increase in cancer rate is due to external factors.

Knowing if you have a BRCA1 gene or MTHFR genetic predisposition will tell us how certain areas of your body may malfunction, under function, and where we will need to supplement or support your body to minimize your risk of developing disease or cancer.

An ounce or prevention is worth a pound of cure. That saying is never more true than when talking about cancer prevention. The functional medicine approach considers all aspects health and function and how those areas can affect other areas of the body.

We will often run genetic tests to screen for certain SNP’s that may be influencing your cancer development.
Toxins in our environment and in our bodies is such a huge deal that I almost never have a patient that doesn’t go through some sort of initial detoxification program, the length of which can vary depending on age, symptoms, exam, etc. I have even dedicated an entire page to detoxification.

While I won’t go into all the horror stories of toxins and what they do to our bodies (you can read the detox page for that) just know that toxins can and will interfere with many of the biological processes and enzymatic reactions that occur in the body. If those toxins build up and impair function of the body your likelihood of developing cancer just went up by leaps and bounds.

In fact, in my experience and opinion this is tied for the top reason for cancer development in todays society.

Here is a scary stat that may give you some food for thought on the role of toxins in cancer development. Currently there are over 80,000 chemicals involved in some sort of industrial or manufacturing process. Many of those toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis in our cars, air, water, office, houses, etc. Most of these chemicals have had NO studies on the safety or how they affect the body or what their toxicity levels may be.

Every year there are 1,000 new chemicals that are introduced for use in other industrial processes. Again, with no safety studies.

The toxic burden of the body is exponentially increasing every year and this is contributing to increased caner rates.

The natural healthcare method to preventing cancer includes removing the current toxins in the body, minimizing exposure, and continuing to optimize you bodies ability to detoxify itself.
No discussion of natural, integrative or functional medicine approach to preventing or helping to treat cancer would be complete without talking about nutrition. Im not simply talking about supplements, herbs, and vitamins, although those are needed, Im talking about good old fashioned healthy eating to reduce cancer rates and get rid of it. Without good, NO! excellent nutrition, you are just spinning your wheels. Doomed to go nowhere fast.

Without going into too much exhausting detail, nutrition is one of the most effective ways to prevent and to help recover from cancer. It can also be one of the hardest things to conquer. Good nutrition is an all encompassing aspect of ones health. It involves obtaining optimal levels of certain key nutrients to help battle cancer in a natural and effective way.

Having excellent nutrition is the foundation of any cancer prevention or recovery program. The reason it is so hard is that it involves a true lifestyle change. Its not simply popping a few extra pills or vitamins and thinking your going to make a change. While supplementation may help prevent or slow the progression of some cancers, in my opinion, taking a bunch of supplements is like plugging a hole in a dam that is about to break.

You have to start at ground zero and build a foundation of health.
As an integrative doctor that specializes in functional medicine and treating the body as a whole system and looking to get to the root cause of disease, the digestive system is our bread and butter.

If the digestive system is not healthy and functioning properly, there is NO WAY that you will be healthy and functioning properly. It’s just not possible. No way, no how! PERIOD!

As you may have noticed I like sayings. A saying that some old timer Alternative medicine practitioners often used to say is that “healing occurs from above down inside out”

In essence this means that Healing starts in the head or brain. You have to have a positive mental outlook and “be right” in the head. From there the body will heal from the inside out, starting with the intestines. To read a little more about digestion check out my other page on digestion here.

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