Jessica Cardova - Functional Medicine Nurse

"The only impossible journey is the one you never begin"

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A little about me and my journey

I am a mother to five children, wife, and committed life long learner.

I always knew as a child what I wanted to be. Or at least I thought I did. At first it was an ER doctor, but I couldn’t handle ANYTHING broken, or else I would end up with my head over a trashcan or on the floor.

As I got older I narrowed it down to wanting to be an OB/GYN. Then for my high school project I had to complete, I lived the day and life of an OB/GYN. I quickly realized I did not like everything that came with it, so I kept exploring.

After having my first son, I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I wanted to become a labor and delivery nurse and help other women deliver their babies. I had had such a horrible experience that I wanted to make sure other women had a better one than me.

I also knew I wanted more!

I was born and raised here in California. I started at Cypress Community College to get my associates degree in nursing, and then immediately transferred to California State University of Fullerton and obtained my Bachelor degree in nursing.

I got a job as a new grad registered nurse and began working in labor and delivery. I fell in love with labor and delivery helping bring babies into the world while giving the mother the best experience I could. While working in labor and delivery I discovered midwifery and what it stood for. I then fell in love with Midwifery and knew I had to be one. I ended up applying for the masters program at CSUF for midwifery, right before finding out I was pregnant. I then deferred my admission and after having my last baby, I got accepted full time to the program and completed my journey in 2019.

I have had a long journey and after completing the program I felt my life went downhill, and FAST!

I was getting horrible stomach pains that I would have to lay down and curl up in a ball for. I was getting such severe headaches that I went to the ER (Embarrassing! I’m a nurse). I got acne rosacea (a form of autoimmune) as an adult after never having acne as a teenager, and recurring canker sores that were so painful I couldn’t talk let alone eat or drink.

I sought help but was told everything was normal. Which I find more and more is a common occurrence. My labs were normal, CT scan was normal, physical exam was normal.

Everything was "normal" Yet, I knew something was wrong.

I wanted to know what and WHY!

Why, after finally either not being pregnant or in school and with minimal stress in my life was I still deteriorating?

I then found IIN, which is a certified health coaching program, and that actually lead me to functional medicine.

I immediately told myself and husband this is EXACTLY what I want to do with my life! He thought I was CRAZY to want to start a new career and go back to school. However, I loved everything about functional medicine and couldn’t wait to get into the program and start (Truly a life long learner).

Then at my lowest sought out Dr. Craig and became his patient. After going through the process and seeing the difference it could make, Dr. Craig informed me that he was looking to expand his practice.

I knew it was a sign and needed to be apart of his team. Dr. Craig mentored me to be where I am today so I can help others!

I am a true life long learner and plan to continue my education in functional medicine to help YOU, just like I did, find the WHY!

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