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We now offer Virtual office visits
as an alternative to clients
that are not located within
driving distance.

Now Offering
Virtual Visits
and personalized care
by phone or Skype

Personalized Integrative Functional Healthcare consultations
from the comfort of your own home.

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What does your visit include?

Our Integrative & Functional Healthcare approach to health is different than what most clients have ever experienced. We will do a through history (often in excess of 1 hour), a physical exam (not applicable to online consults), a thorough review of all medical records, referral for any and all necessary laboratory testing, review and analyze all labs (past and present), then we will present a customized health recommendation program based on your personal situation.

When you become a patient you will also receive:

  • Email access to the doctor every day
  • Phone responses within 2 days
  • Email Responses within 24-48 Hours
  • Free quick email questions for all current clients
  • Referrals for any necessary lab work
  • Lab interpretation and explantation
  • Customized Care Plans
  • EXTRA Discounts on all Vitamins, supplements, and herbs (cheaper than Amazon)

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Please call to schedule your online visit. You will be walked through the entire process by one of my hand picked assistants in setting up your appointment and getting all the necessary forms and paperwork. They will also answer any questions you have and find the best time for you.

Toll Free (833) Dr - Craig
(833) 372-7244

Helping you get healthy from the comfort of your own home, for less money and no travel.

Life gets busy and we “just don’t have time to take care of ourselves”. I hear this all the time in my personal practice. Current and prospective patients want and need the services I offer and would really benefit from them, but, I often hear a “but…”

“I’m just too busy”
“I don’t have the time”
“Its too far to drive”
“There are no good Integrative Doctors in my area”
“I can’t afford it”
“Im embarrassed to go out in public”
“Im too sick or tired to get there”


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