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How safe/strong are cell phone and rounter EMF signals

Welcome back to our exciting series on EMF’s. What are they? Are they safe? How much do we get exposed to? And what can we do about it.

So far we have looked at some measurements on a hike in to the hills to see how strong those cell phone towers are and those power lines. We have also looked at the EMF meter that we have been using (see the link below), we looked at what many parts of the world do to limit EMFs and today we are going to be looking at how strong are those EMF/cell signals coming from your phone and your router.

In one of my previous posts I briefly mentioned that the “experts” recommend that our EMF exposure be no higher that 50 mv. As you may have seen, that can be a difficult thing to achieve in todays modern and infinitely connected world. But, it is possible.

So here is what I did today. I took my router and measured the EMF signal at various lengths with a tape measure. Lets take a look at what that graph looks like. When the meter was touching the antenna I got a reading of 20V/M. Compared to the reading I got standing next to a cell phone tower its even stronger than the cell tower, which gave a reading anywhere from 10-12 V/M. The difference is how strong the signal remains as the distance increases. As the distance increased the strength of the signal quickly dropped. Quite exponentially in fact. But once I got to a certain distance and took into account all the wall that the signal was going through, I was not able to get a reading below 500mv/m anywhere in my house with the wifi on.
So….What I will be doing now it hard wiring everything in my house. I’m just not comfortable with me or my family being exposed to those levels.

On to the next test.

First I compared the signal from an iPhone 6 and an iPhone plus. The difference was staggering. Go technology! I guess?

With both phone in sleep/standby mode one the iPhone 6 I got a reading of 900mv/m. With the iPhone 8 plus I was getting a reading of 6V/m. And keep in mind that these readings are with the wifi off so they don’t interfere. An interesting thing that I noticed was that whenever I “woke up” the phone or opened a new app or new page, etc. there was a giant spike in the EMF levels. On average they would spike to 14-15V/m.

So here are the results of the EMF distance test with the iPhone 8 plus:

While I was doing this I had a youtube video streaming in order to maintain a signal coming to the phone.

Take a look at our baseline, which was 6V/M with the meter right next to the phone.
As I took measurements the strength drastically decreased dropping to 800mv at 1 foot, 250 at 2 feet down to 50mv at 5 feet.

The moral of the story is that routers and cell phones are basically the same as a cell phone tower, except we are attached to them. The good news is that if we move away from them (easier said than done) the possible damaging effects is drastically reduced.

I hope you have enjoyed this edition of Dr. Craigs soap box rantings.
Hopefully you’re at least a little bit scared.
Stay tuned for more and subscribe to my channel. Follow the link in the description to download a free pdf of the graphs and readings described in this video.

Next up in the series is product reviews and simple things you can do to decrease your exposure.

P.S. - Bonus footage!

Ok, not really footage, but info. For those of us that don’t like microwaves, yes I tested that too. Here is another reason to use It as little as possible. With our newer microwave running and holding the meter about 6 inches away (I was too scared to get closer) I got a reading of 25V/M. As I ran away, at about 6-7 feet away I was still getting 3V/M.

As a comparison, at the same distance the router was at 1400mv.

Ok. Now Im done. For real. Thats it. At least until next time.
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