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The best shaker bottle I've used

The best Protein Shaker Bottle?

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Here is a new little product that my wife recently purchase after our old shaker bottles got too worn out and leaking all over the place.

Ive Got to say, I really like this bottle.

At first I wansn't too sold on the idea of having a glass shaker bottle. It just kind of seems a little dangerous. Shattered glass and everything.

My first reaction was why didn’t you get stainless steel. Its more durable. You can drop it, pick it up and keep on trucking.

So why glass?

Apparently its all my fault. And its true, it is.

Her reasoning was that Ive been known to do my morning workout routine at 5 every morning, come home, chug down a mix of greens, protein, flax and a little coconut oil, throw the shaker in the sink, and accidentally forget about it.

Then…Out of sight, out of mind type thing and 1-2 days later I have a petri dish, or petri cup in the sink I need to clean out.

So her reasoning is that with the glass she can see whats in the bottle. And more importantly can show me whats in the bottle so I can clean it.

Cant really argue with her there!

So lets talk about what I do like about this shaker bottle.

It's very sturdy. This glass feels like its about 1/8 of an inch thick (or more), it has some serious heft to it. Almost as though I could drop it and it would be ok.

I have to admit, I do like that I can see whats in the bottle.

I like the rubber sleeve that goes over it, its pretty thick as well and you can remove it if you want to completely clean everything.

The seal is good on the top and it hasn’t leaky yet.

And last but not least I like that this little handle think that holds the cap flips down and stays there, and I can even nicely put my finger over it and it holds it in place pretty good.

Over all great design.

So what don't I like about this shaker bottle?

Well, it is glass. But after much deliberation and thought. It does seem to be the better alternative, unless you are doing lots of travel or throwing this thing in a gym bag or something.

It does have a plastic lid, but even with a stainless steal shaker bottle it will have a plastic lid. Its the only reliable way to really get a good enough seal so that when you shake these things they wont leak.

That's it. Im super happy with this shaker, Its a great design, good build quality and for 23 bucks not too bad on the price too.

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