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Maybe if Cheech & Chong used these herbs, they wouldn't have smoked so much herb. Depression Part 4.

We have had 3 other KISS (keep it simple stupid) blogs on depression and how to battle that dark enemy. This is the final installment in our depression series, although more may come.
Nervines are a category of herbs that have a calming effect on the nervous system. Many are used for a lot of different conditions. In this post we will discuss how, why, and when to use these particular nervines for helping anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.
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Natural Solutions to depression, anxiety and mood disorders. Part 2

The next part in our short series of dealing with depression, anxiety and other mood disorders has to do with the wonderful world of co-factors.
While being healthy has a huge impact on what we take into our bodies, that is only half the battle. Health is also affected by what our bodies do with those nurtients. Thus co-factors.
Co factors are those little things, often vitamins or minerals…
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