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How safe are EMf's really? Maybe not all that safe!

Have you ever wondered how the magic of cell phones work? or how about how your router, radio, or all your blue tooth products work. Is it magic or is it something else?

Or how about a more important question. How does all of this affect my health? Or does it? How much is healthy? How much as I getting exposed to? Do I need to do something about it? Is it hurting my kids?

Stay tuned, we are going to discuss this and more in this hotly and often undiscussed topic.

So what exactly are EMFs? Are they harmful to you? We are going to discuss that is just a minute. But first let impart to you some of the ways that EMFs may be harmful, There are lots of studies that demonstrate some benefits and negative side effects of EMFs.

The bad/negative side effects of EMFs have been reported to be:
Skin problems,
High blood pressure
Endocrine disrupters
GI issues
Memory issues
Speech issues
And many others.

Some of the more serious effects include contributing or even causing cancer, altering the calcium channels in for body damaging DNA, altering the BBB (blood brain barrier) can you say leaky gut? Sleep issues, skin issues, fertility problems, and weight gain. Yep your wifi might be making you fat. Other than the fact that it makes you sit on your but surfing the net all day long instead of getting out and DOING SOMETHING.

And last but not least there is evidence that EMFs can damage your gut bacteria. Which considering the fact that every living organism is affected in some way or another by EMFs isn’t really all that surprising. You can see a great example of this if you google “ants and emf's” and see what pops up.

Seems to me that just about every condition I see in my office can at least be influenced by EMFs.

Don't even get me started on EMFs and kids. Kids are more sensitive and susceptible to everything. Why would EMFs be any different. Yet many parents use electronic devices as a babysitter, entertainer, educator or best friend for their child.


EMF stand for electromagnetic fields. Here is a diagram of where different types of wavelengths fall.

Now let me be clear. Im not here to convince you that EMFs are bad. In fact, many different types of emf’s are often touted as being healing, such as PEMFs that are supposed to work WITH your bodies natural emf frequencies and speed healing. These are even FDA approved for certain conditions such as increasing bone healing after fractures, depression, and migraines to name a few.

But we are not talking about P-EMFs. We are talking about EMFs and if they are harmful or not.
Again, Im not going to try to convince you that they are bad, or not, to be honest Im not an expert so I cant say for sure. But, what I can say for sure is that Im not convinced of their safety. And neither is most everyone else when it really comes down to it.

They just wont say it. Out loud anyway.

But take a look at this!

Here are some screen shots from some really big companies ( the biggest in the world in fact) that are basically covering their asses just in case.



World health organization

In fact, there are many countries in the world that have put very strict restriction on when, where and whom can be exposed to EMFs and how much they consider safe.

Here are some things to consider. Other countries have come the conclusion that EMFs “MAY” not be safe and they should prob take some precautions. Yet the US keeps pushing ahead and the latest and greatest (and more powerful) 5-G wireless network is coming. So let's take a look.

In 2002, Israel includes warning labels on cell phones
2013 - Belgium follow suit and warns citizens when purchasing a cell phone to reduce their exposure
2015 - France requires the SAR value of all cell phone to be labelled on the phone. We will talk about the SAR value in another video - check it out, It pretty eye opening.
2015 - Canada almost passes a bill stating cell phones may be carcinogenic. Good try Canada, maybe next time. I think its a good idea.
2016 the City of Berkeley in ca requires labels on phones that state “might cause cancer, keep away from children and pregnant women, everyone else we don't care about” Ok. That last part wasn’t included, but now I kind of feel uncared about. Whats up Berkeley? Am I too manly to get hurt by little old EMFs?

Here are some other countries way ahead of us. In Vancouver Canada cell phone towers cant be installed within 1,000 feet of schools or childcare.

In India cell phone towers were removed around schools, playgrounds, colleges, and hospitals.
In Greece and New Zealand cell phone antennas cant be installed around schools or nurseries.

Yet in the US we have no though about were we put up these cell towers. Often the places that shouldn’t have them, ie school, park and playgrounds get them the most because they can hide them in the trees and there is lots of space to work around.

And last but not least had you heard of the Telecommunications act of 1996? This is much like the legislature that prohibits pharmaceutical companies being held liable for injuries due to vaccines.

It basically says that they are not held liable for health injuries as a result of EMFs and that no health or environmental concern can interfere with the placement of telecom equipment of cell towers and antenna.

That seems a little scary to me, but….hey, what do I know?

So there you have it. Some of the not super specific reasons why it may be time to rethink the whole EMF/cell phone issue. It’s not as benign as you think. In fact, Im convinced that this is prob one of the major things that contributes to many ailments I see in my office. It may not be the sole cause, rarely is that the case with anything. But it most certainly seems to be part of the puzzle.

Stay tune. So far in my series on EMF. We have taken some measurements to see how high some levels of EMFs get, what is a SAR and why you should care about it and we will also be discussing some different techniques and products you can use to start reducing your exposure to these (Im going to say mostly harmful) electromagnetic frequencies.

Go get grounded and turn off that router.

I’m dr. Craig Mortensen

Be Healthy, be happy.

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