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Get the benefits of marijuana without the marijuana

If medical marijuana has done anything, it has been to educate us about our own endocannibinoid system, which we will just call ECS for short.

This is a system of receptors on cells that play a role in inflammation, appetite, pain, mood, memory, and even cancer prevention. These receptors have come to light because they respond to compounds in cannabis, or marijuana and is the reason that cannabis can be very helpful in a medical sense.
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How this common sleep aide may help prevent and treat Breast Cancer.

Melatonin may be one the best supplements you can take to help prevent and possibly treat breast cancer.

Breast cancer1

Many people are aware of the benefits and uses of melatonin. Lack of sleep is rampant in our society after all. But what many people don’t know and studies are starting to show is that this common sleep aide may have other uses as well, particularly with breast cancer.

In this short article I will recap some of the most recent studies and finding with regards to melatonin as a preventative and adjunctive therapy to conventional breast cancer treatment.

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