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I can't hate Glyphosate enough!


Glyphosate is in so many foods the the average American eats its scary. It’s hard to avoid and it does so much damage. Glyphosate is used in 160 countries around the world. Since the introduction of the chemical its’ use has increased 15 times. Its’ common name is round up, and with 1.5 BILLION pounds used every year, it no wonder its’ causing so much damage.

It was originally produced as a broad spectrum systemic, non selective herbicide. When the evil geniuses at Monsanto and other seed companies started working with GMO (genetically modified) seeds, they were able to make a crop that could withstand the glyphosate (roundup).

This helped increase yield of our crops, but at what cost?

whats the cost

Recently glyphosate has added to its repertoire the ability to act as a desiccant, or drying agent on certain crops, most notably wheat. This helps the farmers in harvesting sooner and preventing the seeds from germinating.

So whats the big deal? How long do you have?

so what

I will just state a few of the very real and scary facts.

1) Last year the WHO (World Health Organization) cancer group and the International Agency for research and Cancer reviewed all the publicly available research and classified glyphosate as a “probable” carcinogen.

Being that glyphosate is allowed to be present in our food by the FDA, I wouldn’t expect the WHO to come outright and say it is cancerous, there is too much money involved and the companies that manufacture and sell it would have a fit.

Probable is good enough for me to avoid it like the plague. Probable = causative in my book.


2) In September of 2015 the State of California’s Office of Environmental health hazard Assessment (OEHHA) also deemed glyphosate a carcinogen under the state’s proposition 65 law.

Yet in 2013 the FDA increased the amount of glyphosate “residue” allowed on our food. HMMM?

3) In a paper by Samsel and Seneff, published in Entropy and titled “glyphosate’s Suppression of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes and Amino Acid Biosynthesis by the Gut microbiome” the author discusses several ways in which glyphosate can cause chronic disease.

a) Cytochrome P450 is responsible for the first phase of detoxification of the body. Without it, we can’t detoxify, toxins build up in the body, and presto, chronic disease.


b) The other way it interferes with our health is through the health of our gut microbiome (good and bad bacteria in the intestines). It is know well known that health comes from within. When the health of the intestines is compromised by glyphosate. i.e. it kills it, it is impossible to be healthy. This is one explanation for the increased prevalence of leaky gut syndrome, depression, obesity, IBS or Alzheimer’s disease in todays society.

One of the best things you can do to help combat glyphosate, other than avoid it, is to detox it.

One of my favorite foods for increasing detoxification is cruciferous vegetables (think broccoli and cauliflower). The ingredient that works it magic is

Once damage is done to the microbiome of your intestines there are some great products that can help repair the damage done.

If these don’t do the trick then give me call.
You will probably need a little extra TLC to heal your body.
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