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"Any fool can Know. The point is to understand" - Albert Einstein

Why sleeping in your bed may be more dangerous than you ever thought possible.

Have you ever thought you could we be harming ourselves and our families by buying a normal mattress? That seems strange, how could a mattress harm you? Read More…

Maybe if Cheech & Chong used these herbs, they wouldn't have smoked so much herb. Depression Part 4.

We have had 3 other KISS (keep it simple stupid) blogs on depression and how to battle that dark enemy. This is the final installment in our depression series, although more may come.
Nervines are a category of herbs that have a calming effect on the nervous system. Many are used for a lot of different conditions. In this post we will discuss how, why, and when to use these particular nervines for helping anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.
Read More…

Part 3. Terminating depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.

It won't be back! Terminating depression and the need for anti-depressants, anti-psychotics and other mind and mood altering drugs has been our focus for the past few weeks. This is part 3 in series of blogs dealing with an alternative routes to dealing with depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. Read More…