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"Any fool can Know. The point is to understand" - Albert Einstein

Why stinky armpits might be good for your health.

Why stinky armpits might be good for you.

What is lurking in your deodorant?

Deodorant is such a wonderful thing! Can you imagine if we didn’t have it? Life would not be very pleasant, at least not for those around us. I personally love my deodorant. Let’s take a look at what helps us to not stink so much.

stinky armpits
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What is lurking in those scented things we all love so much?

toxic perfume

Do you love getting scented candles for different seasons? How about lotions or soaps? You can get wonderful yummy scents in just about everything these days. But, where do they get those scents from and are they really all that wonderful or safe? Read More…

The 6 biggest barriers to your health.

We all have certain things that hold up back from better health. These are the most common issues I see in my patients' over and over again. If you can eliminate most or all of these obstacles you I can guarantee you will be on the path to better health.
What’s holding you back?
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