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"Any fool can Know. The point is to understand" - Albert Einstein

Stress and Neuro-Endocrine Effects on Weight

The human reaction to stress is designed as a survival mechanism for the body. It is a complex cascade of hormonal interactions that exert a profound effect on many physiologic systems to help protect us from internal (illness) or external (sabre-toothed tiger) danger. Unfortunately, in today’s world, rather than a single fight-or-flight episode, such as running from a dangerous animal, our body is faced with a multitude of smaller but more chronic stressors such as unstable blood sugar levels, less than 8 hours of sleep, bad traffic or excessive workload. We also suffer from perceived stress, our mental interpretation of an event, such as a wedding, which causes identical stimulation to our nervous system without ever truly being “dangerous”.
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Lowering cholesterol naturally doesn't have to be hard.

high cholesterol

I see tons of patients with high cholesterol and they are often either the easiest or the most difficult patients I see. Many patients accustomed to todays allopathic method of healthcare think that medications fix problems.

I have news for you.
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The easiest way to lower Blood Pressure: Surprising new Study

There is now a new natural weapon to combat against the growing population of high blood pressure sufferers.


Now this new weapon is as close as your backyard.
What I am talking about is good old sunlight.
Blood pressure levels are commonly higher during winter months.
The question you may ask is what is the mechanism that allows sunlight to lower blood pressure?
British researchers have figured out why.
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