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"Any fool can Know. The point is to understand" - Albert Einstein

Adrenal testing. Why? Who? When? and How?

Today we are talking a little bit about The Who, when, what and why to get adrenal testing. Many times when I ask patients and clients if they have heard of adrenal fatigue they kind of get this far away look in their eyes and nod and say something like "yeah, I've kind of heard of it, someone mentioned it this one time." While doing this they often reach for their throat thinking that their adrenal glands are in the throat, neat the thyroid or somewhere in the general neck area. What they are doing is mistaking something that sounds similar called the "adenoids" in the back of the throat for the Adrenals, which are located in the back on top of the kidneys.

You may hear the argument or comment from many traditional doctors that adrenal fatigue doesn't exist. That is because they are only taught about what is called adrenal failure. This is when the adrenal glands completely stop producing cortisol and you have to go onto cortisol shots. From their perspective, like many doctors they think that health is either black or white. Good or bad. Healthy or sick. They don't think that there is any in-between. So if you are not in adrenal failure, they think that your adrenal glands are fine and thus adrenal fatigue does not exist.