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What type of athlete are you?

Just like every other person on earth, we are all created differently. We all have our own gifts and downfalls.

There is almost nowhere else this is more evident than in athletic competition.

While many people walking down the street can be very different in more than just looks, most of us can still walk down the street. In this respect we are essentially the same and most people like it that way. We don’t always want to stand out from the crowd.

In the case of athletes, that is exactly the opposite of what the average person wants.

The athlete wants to stand out, be head and shoulders above the rest, blow the competition away, stand at the top of the podium.

Nutrition for the individual Athlete

No single nutritional or supplementation plan will be right for every person or every different type of athlete. We all have different goals, starting points, genetics, sports, and downfalls or weak spots.

The approach that we take with our athletes is tailored to that individuals’ needs, wants and goals. No one would expect a long distance runner to train the same as a bodybuilder. So, why would we expect them to eat or supplement the same? We wouldn’t, plain and simple.
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The powerlifter and the bodybuilder are great examples. No doubt both are great athletes and generally HUGE people.

However, the training (and nutrition) are greatly different. A powerlifter may only do 2 sets of an exercise 5 times with extremely heavy weight. They may limit cardio to conserve energy for those heavy lifts. A bodybuilder on the other hand may look huge but be nowhere as strong as a powerlifter. The bodybuilder is training for muscle hypertrophy (growth) and not necessarily strength. They may perform hours of cardio to burn fat and show off the muscles.

The nutrition for these athletes will be extremely different. Supplementation, diet, and lifestyle modifications should vary accordingly.

Our goal with all our amateur and professional athletic patients is to give them a program that is as individualized as they are. Our bodies, goals, and abilities are constantly evolving, we must track our progress and evolve with it,
or get left in the dust.

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