Dr. Craigs Integrative and functional medicine story

"Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain"

Dr. Craig Mortensen

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Dr. Craig Mortensen is the founder and clinic director at Premier Functional Medicine. He has been practicing functional medicine since 2012 and has gone through 2 different and unique Functional medicine training courses ultimately choosing to get certified in functional medicine with the Institute of Functional Medicine. After many years of thriving practice and growing wait list of patients waiting 3-4 months to see Dr. Mortensen, Dr. Mortensen finally decided to hire and train a nurse to help his growing practice. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT DR. Craig Mortensen

Jessica Cardova, CNM

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Jessica Cardova is our nurse that has trained under Dr. Mortensen and continues to be tutored, often consulting together to find the best plan of action for patients. After health issues of her own she sought out the help of Dr. Mortensen. After her success with functional medicine and Dr. Mortensen seeing her passion for patient care and helping patients she was offered a job to train under Dr. Mortensen. The rest they say, is history. CLICK HERE to learn more about Jessica Cardova.

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